Maycee Barber + Aires Tech: EMF and the Athlete

Maycee Barber UFC Aires Tech EMF protection

In dedicated pursuit of elite health and well-being, Maycee has recently decided to partner with Aires Tech as a means to mitigate her exposure to EMF radiation and further her performance in performance and overall well-being as a professional fighter. We at Aires Tech are honored and proud to support Maycee in her journey to claim her dream of being a UFC champion.

Solar Flares, Cellphone Outages, and Cybersecurity Concerns

In a world reliant on technology, the recent AT&T outage presents a fascinating case study at the intersection of natural phenomena and human innovation. The official story is that Americans have reported nationwide cellular outages from AT&T, Cricket Wireless, and other providers on February 22, 2024. While the official cause remains shrouded in mystery, the […]

Is EMF Contributing to the Epidemic of Low Testosterone?

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Electromagnetic fields (EMF) are increasingly becoming a regular part of life in the modern world. Our smartphones, smart watches, AirPods, and all wireless smart-home features, including even our Wi-Fi routers are constantly producing radiation. While these EMFs may not be ionizing radiation which poses a direct and obvious threat of DNA damage and cancer production, […]

EEG: Why Aires Tech Prioritizes the Gold Standard

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Today, we are immersed in a world dominated by electronics. The concept of “modernity” has evolved globally to signify the integration of wireless technologies, including cellular, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth, into the subject at hand. Cell phones, smartwatches, and Airpods are all undeniably useful and incredibly convenient, but as they say, there’s no free lunch, and […]

The Legacy of Russian Innovation in EMF Technology: A Foundation for the Future

Russia radio wave emf science Aires Tech

The unfolding story of radio wave science and the technological leaps it has inspired is a fascinating chronicle of curiosity and innovation that knows no bounds. It’s a narrative rich with contributions from a roster of sharp minds, where Russia’s pioneering efforts shine with particular brilliance. Figures such as Alexander Popov and Leon Theremin emerge […]

Protecting the Protectors: EMF Risks for First Responders

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First Responders: The Frontline of Courage First responders – our EMTs, firefighters, policemen, and medical personnel – confront not only the immediate dangers of their roles but also the silent threat of radiation exposure. Reflecting on the role of “first responder,” defined as someone tasked to face emergencies head-on, reveals a profound commitment. These individuals […]

Everything You Need to Know About Microwave Radiation

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In the realm of household appliances, microwaves continue to be a primary fixture in American homes. A recent 2023 survey found that “Microwave” and “Refrigerator” were the top two appliances owned, with over 82% of US participants owning a microwave in their home. This survey is part of Statista Consumer Insights, which draws from over […]

EMF in Cars: Radiation from Electric Vehicles

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There’s a significant need for critical examination of the often-overlooked aspect of electromagnetic fields (EMF) and radiation (EMR) in the rapidly evolving world of electric and self-driving vehicles, particularly focusing on Tesla. This article delves into the implications of the technological shift from mechanical to electronic systems in automotive technology, raising concerns about the increased […]

Race to 6G: Everything You Need to Know

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As we forge ahead in the world of wireless innovation, the emerging race to 6G marks a new chapter in our quest to expand communication frontiers. Join us as we unravel the complexities of 6G technology, shedding light on its pivotal features, international endeavors, and far-reaching applications. We also take a critical look at 6G’s […]

Christian Van Camp’s Journey with EMF as a Holistic Health Coach

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Written by Christian Van Camp My Journey with EMFs and Holistic Health Optimization At each step in our journey, we learn a little bit more about what real health is. What is “real health” to you? I’ve pondered this for the past 8 years as a major wellness nerd and biohacking hippy, and this is […]