Maycee Barber + Aires Tech: EMF and the Athlete

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In dedicated pursuit of elite health and well-being, Maycee has recently decided to partner with Aires Tech as a means to mitigate her exposure to EMF radiation and further her performance in performance and overall well-being as a professional fighter. We at Aires Tech are honored and proud to support Maycee in her journey to claim her dream of being a UFC champion.

Solar Flares, Cellphone Outages, and Cybersecurity Concerns

In a world reliant on technology, the recent AT&T outage presents a fascinating case study at the intersection of natural phenomena and human innovation. The official story is that Americans have reported nationwide cellular outages from AT&T, Cricket Wireless, and other providers on February 22, 2024. While the official cause remains shrouded in mystery, the […]

Race to 6G: Everything You Need to Know

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As we forge ahead in the world of wireless innovation, the emerging race to 6G marks a new chapter in our quest to expand communication frontiers. Join us as we unravel the complexities of 6G technology, shedding light on its pivotal features, international endeavors, and far-reaching applications. We also take a critical look at 6G’s […]

Athletic Edge: Tiki Barber’s EMF Protection with Aires Tech

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In an unwavering commitment to support athletic recovery with EMF protection, Aires Tech’s partnership with Tiki Baber ushers in a new era in safeguarding health from the digital world’s hazards. Tiki played in a different era, but has continually recognized the impacts of radiation on athletic recovery. Sounding the alarm for the young athletes today, […]

A Year in Review – Top EMF News from 2023

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In the fast-paced world of EMF protection, the past year has been marked by significant revelations and discussions across various fronts. As we reflect during our year in review of Aires Tech’s most visited articles in 2023, we explore eleven key topics that have shaped the discourse on electromagnetic fields and their impact on our […]

Anti-Aging Fanatics, Oxidative Stress, and How to Protect from EMF

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In a world obsessed with staying young and vibrant, the pursuit of anti-aging has become the latest hype. Billionaire tech entrepreneurs and everyday people alike seek to slow aging and preserve youth. What fuels this anti-aging obsession? What secrets lie in the pursuit of eternal youth? Today, we examine the mass appeal of anti-aging and the role of EMFs in aging and oxidative stress.

Gary Brecka Speaks Out on Radiation Threat of EMF

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Biohackers use technology to improve physical health. Others use it for financial gains. This exposes us to electromagnetic radiation (EMR). Aires Tech is dedicated to investigating this issue, and we seek to offer insights and solutions for potential health risks. Our blog post includes expert views, like Gary Brecka’s. It aims to give a detailed […]

EMF Exposure In Education: Russia’s Cell Phone Ban

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EMF Radiation in Schools: Understanding the Growing Risks The use of cell phones and other electronic devices in schools has risen significantly in recent years, leading to concerns over the potential effects of electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation on students’ health. This concern is underscored by initiatives like the “Russia school cell phone ban,” which reflects […]

EMF and Cancer: IARC Yet to Review Evidence

Introduction In a world where technology advances at an unprecedented pace, and our reliance on wireless devices grows, it’s crucial to address the potential health risks associated with their use. Radio Frequency Radiation (RFR), also referred to as electromagnetic fields (EMF) emitted from these devices is a health hazard. Specifically, EMF and cancer is a […]

Debate Over Cell Towers on School Property

News Story Overview In Temecula Valley Unified School District (TVUSD), California, a contentious debate has emerged over the presence of cell towers on school campuses. This situation unfolded during a public hearing at a TVUSD board meeting, where the focus was on three cell towers located at Temecula Middle School and Chaparral High School. The […]