High Quality Research: Peer-Reviewed vs. Third-Party Testing


The presence of electromagnetic fields (EMFs) has become a somewhat unavoidable factor of life in the modern world. These fields are emitted from all of our technological devices; cell phones, smartwatches, and Airpods all create them and in turn, generate electromagnetic radiation (EMR). EMR has been linked to several concerning health conditions and the concerns […]

Maycee Barber + Aires Tech: EMF and the Athlete

Maycee Barber UFC Aires Tech EMF protection

In dedicated pursuit of elite health and well-being, Maycee has recently decided to partner with Aires Tech as a means to mitigate her exposure to EMF radiation and further her performance in performance and overall well-being as a professional fighter. We at Aires Tech are honored and proud to support Maycee in her journey to claim her dream of being a UFC champion.

EEG: Why Aires Tech Prioritizes the Gold Standard

aires tech eeg brain scan the wave emf blog

Today, we are immersed in a world dominated by electronics. The concept of “modernity” has evolved globally to signify the integration of wireless technologies, including cellular, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth, into the subject at hand. Cell phones, smartwatches, and Airpods are all undeniably useful and incredibly convenient, but as they say, there’s no free lunch, and […]

The Legacy of Russian Innovation in EMF Technology: A Foundation for the Future

Russia radio wave emf science Aires Tech

The unfolding story of radio wave science and the technological leaps it has inspired is a fascinating chronicle of curiosity and innovation that knows no bounds. It’s a narrative rich with contributions from a roster of sharp minds, where Russia’s pioneering efforts shine with particular brilliance. Figures such as Alexander Popov and Leon Theremin emerge […]

Small Business Saturday with Aires Tech Partners


This Small Business Saturday, we want to highlight our partners who align with our mission of health, wellness, and the best quality products. At Aires Tech, we are a small but mighty group of less than 15 people, spread globally across Canada, the US, Europe & Asia. Meet the following partners who are doing extraordinary […]

Testosterone & EMFs: What the Experts say

Testosterone & EMFs: What the Experts say - airestech

Renowned entrepreneur Tim Ferriss and neuroscientist Dr. Huberman discuss the potential connection between electromagnetic fields (EMFs) and testosterone levels. While additional research is needed, evidence suggests that EMF exposure may contribute to lower testosterone levels. Learn more about their insights and recommendations for maintaining optimal reproductive health.

Interview with Allyssa LaScala

Interview with Allyssa LaScala - airestech

The Aires Tech team spoke with Integrative Health Practitioner, Allyssa LaScala. Her passion for finding the root cause of her clients health issues and providing solutions that really work is inspiring.

Interview with Dr. Robert Turner

Interview with Dr. Robert Turner - airestech

Check out the extended interview with Dr. Robert Turner and the Aires Tech team. While centered around EMF, the topics range from fear, to true healthcare, and more!

Biohacker Taylor Morgan Shares His Thoughts After Using Aires Everyday

Biohacker Taylor Morgan Shares His Thoughts After Using Aires Everyday - airestech

Taylor Morgan, The Captain’s Lifestyle, has spent the last 8 years studying holistic health and has influenced over 50,000 people to optimize their lifestyles. Through his own journey and the people around him, EMF protection is one piece of his overall health protocol. Taylor shares his opinions about Aires products in his effort to be protected every day from EMF exposure.