5G Protests Result in Rollout Interruption in Certain Countries

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Since the beginning of the worldwide 5G rollout concerns have been expressed by individuals over the health effects of the 5G technology. Many protests over the carelessness of those behind 5G have taken place and many have shown to be effective.

Switzerland became the first country in Europe to interrupt the construction of 5G towers on its territory. This decision came after over 2,000 Swiss citizens protested the 5G rollout all over the country. Nigeria, which is Africa’s largest economical power, has also suspended the 5G rollout on its soil. The Nigerian senate came to this conclusion citing the actions take by Switzerland. Hawai’i County, which encompasses the largest island in Hawaii, passed a resolution to pause the 5G development until it can be proven to be safe for its residents. Several Hawaiian citizens testified against the 5G rollout during the council hearing where the resolution was passed. Similarly, the Croatian town of Hvar suspended the introduction of 5G after a group of concerned citizens presented this issue before the council. Brussels, Belgium’s most populous city and capital of the country, halted the building of 5G towers, a decision which is backed by the Belgian radiation standards, which 5G transmitters violate.

This serves in stark contrast to the situation in North America, where the 5G rollout continues steadfast. New 5G towers are being built despite the outdated safety guideline used by the FCC and lack of current independent research on the health effects of the 5G technology. There are groups speaking out against the implementation of 5G, like the Canadians for Safe Technology, a non-profit organization of concerned citizens, but no response has been seen from the government yet.

It is important to let our concern over 5G be known to the people who are meant to serve in our best interests, however, we must also do what we can to protect ourselves. Try our Aires Tech products, scientifically proven to reduce the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation, including 5G.

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