Biohack Your Life to Combat Oxidative Stress

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  • Oxidative stress (OS) occurs when we have an imbalance of free radicals to antioxidants. This condition primarily damages the cell structure, and DNA and inevitably leads to faster aging
  • – EMFs actually exacerbate this, and in a technology-driven world, we’re constantly exposed to it, unknowingly contributing to the OS we experience 
  • – Some biohacks to combat OS include keeping your phone at a distance from you at night, using airplane mode when you don’t need the internet, and lastly reducing your screen-time

Oxidative stress occurs when we have an imbalance of free radicals to antioxidants. This buildup of free radicals can be exacerbated by certain lifestyle factors such as diet, exercise, drug usage and environmental ones such as radiation. This condition primarily damages the cell structure, DNA and inevitably leads to faster aging. And as the body ages, its ability to neutralize excess free radicals heavily decreases. Such a vicious cycle can lead to the onset of several diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinsons’, Diabetes, and more. 

However, biohacking your lifestyle can provide a concrete defense through the increase of antioxidants to reduce the effects of oxidative stress. How fast someone ages is predominantly decided by genetics, but it can be slowed by optimizing your current lifestyle. Specifically, this includes the abatement of oxidative stress. 

But where do EMFs’ (Electro-Magnetic Fields) come in? In today’s day and age, where technology has become a crucial part of our lives, we’re constantly exposed to extremely high levels of EMFs which contribute to the oxidative stress in our tissues. The EMFs inhibit the production and activity of antioxidants, or our natural defense mechanism in place that would otherwise combat the excess free radicals. Simultaneously, they also contribute to exacerbated levels of inflammation. This imbalance pulls our body out of homeostasis – or a state of stability. And without such a state, we are more at risk of irritation, pain, and diseases of different severity – not ideal for peak performance. 

Since boycotting technology is not a realistic or viable solution, here are some biohacks you should take advantage of to ensure you don’t reap the consequences of too much oxidative stress. Firstly, keep devices away from your body as much as possible: at night, keep your phone away from you and during the day, try texting or using a speaker phone if you need to call. Second, move your wifi router to somewhere outside your bedroom – this can reduce your proximity to this EMF exposure and optimize your sleeping space. When your phone doesn’t need to be connected to the internet, try using airplane mode. And lastly, try limiting the number of hours you utilize your devices at a time.

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