Biohacking : An Innate Desire to Optimize Your Life

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– “Biohacking” is making small or large but consistent changes to your lifestyle to see immediate effects in your overall health and wellbeing

– Biohacks can include eating healthy, exercising everyday, reading books, or more extreme measures, but the common theme is the intention of seeing empirical changes in your health

– Biohacking your life to reduce your EMF exposure is a popular way to combat the radiation. Examples can include limiting your screentime, grounding, being at a distance with your devices, + more!


Have you ever had a really important assignment to do or event to be at, and wanted to make sure that you are at your absolute best? Or do you just want to improve your lifestyle and wellbeing through small changes? One way to do that is biohacking. Over the last decade, this has become a popular wellness trend, and EMF protection is one of the ways to do it!

So what is biohacking? A popular way to describe it is “DIY Biology”. This can refer to any small or large changes you make to your lifestyle to see improvements in your health and physiological function. Dave Asprey, often known as the father of biohacking, defined it as “the art of changing the environment around and inside you so you have full control of your biology”. Biohacks can be anything from taking a pill to lose weight in 1 day to reducing screen time to see long-term outcomes like improved brain functioning. It’s important to be aware of the right and wrong types of biohacks – some biohackers might may try out risky behaviors, whileothers take simple steps like not using your phone at least 2 hours before bed to improve brain function. The basic purpose of biohacking is a person’s innate desire to optimize one’s life, and there are a variety of ways to achieve it. 

Where do EMFs come into play? EMFs (Electromagnetic fields) are emitted by all devices on a daily basis such as our phones, laptops, and TV all have harmful impacts on various aspects of our lives and our bodies. One example is sleep, as EMFs prevent our bodies from properly resting and recovering from the full day, and so we end up feeling even more distressed and tired the next day. 

There are different ways to reduce the impact of EMFs during the day and night through biohacking. Since we mentioned sleep, biohacking your bedroom during the night is a great place to start. One example would be to turn off your phone before you sleep, or to put it on airplane mode. You should also move your bed away from walls that have active sockets to prevent the rays from reaching you in close proximity. Lastly, you could also use a wifi timer during the night so that it turns back on when you need it but limits its effect when you are asleep. 

Biohacking your space isn’t limited to just when you’re asleep – you can take steps throughout the day too! An example could include limiting screentime to a couple of hours; so instead of scrolling, you could spend your time reading a book – or trying meditation. You could also use speaker mode, headphones, or earpods to increase the distance between you and the device. It’s also recommended to avoid putting your laptop directly on your lap – maybe use a table of your laptop case to reduce the contact between your device and your body.

Using these easy steps to biohack your living space can be an simple step to minimize the impact of EMFs!

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