Can your desk job be harming your health?

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Can your desk job be harming your health?

For most of us, work means staring at our computer screens for 8 hours a day, if not much longer. Our computers and laptops emit harmful electromagnetic radiation (EMR), and to make matters worse, office spaces usually mean many computers or laptops in use simultaneously with little distance between them. Wi-Fi routers also emit strong EMR. Combined with computers, mobile devices, printers, copiers, televisions, etc., it’s a wonder that the toxic waves flowing in every direction are invisible. It is true, your desk job can be harming your health.

Electromagnetic radiation and health concerns

EMR has been associated with serious illnesses such as asthma, Alzheimer’s, depression, heart diseases, hormonal imbalances, damaged nervous systems, etc. While some take time to develop, others like lowered productivity, depression, hormonal imbalances are often recorded early, and hormonal imbalances can ultimately generate tumors if not rectified. Yet we cannot quit using our technologies. There are, however, ways to reduce the risks.

How to reduce your risk of office radiation

Improve seating arrangements by reverting back from the new trend of open spaces to cubicles would good, believe it or not, since fewer computers run in close proximity in an office with cubicles, and EMR is less rampant. Use wired network instead of wireless. Wi-Fi routers constantly emit high levels of EMR. Convince your employer to switch. Productivity will go up, more than making up for any costs. Step outside when you use your phone if you can. Take your meetings outside too if possible! Can your desk job be harming your health? Yes. Give your body and mind a break away from the devices whenever you can.

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