How can our kitchen be a hazard to our health?

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We have been using home appliances for a very long time. Our parents used them. Our grandparents used them, too. You might wonder if they caused no harm to them, what possible harmful effects they could have on you. During those days, there were fewer appliances, which mostly included refrigerators, microwave ovens, and mixer grinders. While all these appliances also emitted harmful electromagnetic radiation, their presence was not felt as strongly as we do now.

Kitchen appliances and health hazards

A modern kitchen is packed with electronic devices. In addition to the ones we mentioned above such refrigerators and mixers, they include microwave oven, blender, coffee maker, food processor, toaster and grills, electric cooker, and lots more. How do some of these kitchen appliances prove hazardous to our health? Let’s find out.

Microwave oven

The potential threat of microwaves on your health has been proven to be a cause of concern for the researchers for quite some time now. The high-frequency electromagnetic waves emitted by the microwaves can interfere with the processes of your body. Any wave with more than 10 Hz frequency is harmful and the frequency inside a microwave is around 2.5 billion Hz. All the microwave manufacturers are given strict norms by governments to make tight seals so that no radiation escapes the device. However, the seals become loose over a period of time, leading to leakages and exposing you to dangerous waves that could result in cataracts, weak immune system, and various other health problems. Your eyes are most susceptible to being damaged because they do not have the blood vessels that dissipate the heat generated by the microwaves. Also, a wide group of people are now moving away from microwave because several studies state that the food cooked in these ovens could be harmful, as well. When you consume microwave-cooked food, you risk increasing your cholesterol levels, cause possible deficiency in hemoglobin, decrease in white blood cells, stress, etc.

Refrigerators and freezers

The refrigerators and freezers produce electromagnetic fields and most of the fields are present around the back unit of these appliances. You will also see high-intensity EMR being produced in the lower half of the refrigerator where the motor is likely to be situated. While we cannot do without our refrigerators, we can make sure they stay in the best condition by cleaning and servicing them over periodic intervals and looking into radiation protection devices such as those offered by Aires Technology to add that extra protection.

Induction stoves

Just like microwave ovens, induction stoves work on the principle of alternating magnetic fields that lead to heat generation in the pan. The electromagnetic field produced by these stoves can be as harmful for your health as those produced by a microwave oven. The risks increase when a person is constantly standing next to the unit when cooking. As far as possible, try to stay away from the stove.

Vacuum cleaners and washing machines

Vacuum cleaners and washing machines, though not necessarily used in the kitchen, emit the harmful electromagnetic radiation every time we use them. Exposure to these appliances increases your risk of physical and mental stress, decreased immunity levels, among many other health hazards. Take Action Now Consider learning more about the radiation protection products offered by Aires Technology and how they can help cut down the EMR that exists within your kitchen. From the Aires Shield Extreme to the Aires Defender Infinity, you are guaranteed to protect yourself and your family from the potentially dangerous effects of EMR on human health.

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