Cell Phones And Brain Tumors: Why You Need A Radiation Cell Phone Case

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The results of research on whether the radiation from cell phones causes cancer are almost as contradictory as the arguments on each side of the issue. While no consensus has been reached to date, the argument for concern is that some cell phone users have developed brain tumors in the area where their cell phones come into contact with their heads. Although there has been an increase in the number of these suspicious tumors, some professionals argue that better diagnostics and access to medical treatment might be the reason behind the growing number. Still, research has shown some evidence that those who use their cell phones a great deal may have a slightly increased risk of developing a specific type of brain tumor.

The Odds of Winning the Lottery

If you play the lottery and have a one-in-a-trillion chance of winning, you probably aren’t going to stay up late to watch the number draw. But what if you have a one-in-a-million chance of developing a brain tumor? All of a sudden, the odds seem a lot greater when the outcome isn’t in your favor. The good news is that using a radiation cell phone case to block the radiation from your cell phone will turn the odds in your favor.

The Odd Case of Cell Phones

Many people feel that the reason we are so far behind in understanding the overall impact of cell phone use on our health is that they were introduced on the market before any testing was done. The convenience of having a phone wherever you go and the growing options for taking photos, chatting on social media, texting, and other activities have led to the phenomenal popularity of these and all kinds of mobile devices. The result is that the testing is running behind the introduction of the technology and there is no solid proof that the radiation can cause cancer or not. For some avid cell phone users, the idea of giving up or reducing the use of their cell phones is not a choice that they want to make. The use of a radiation cell phone case from Aires Technologies offers a simple solution that doesn’t require you to give up the convenience of using your cell phone regularly.

The Aires Technologies Advantage

Unlike cell phones, the radiation cell phone case from Aires Technologies is tested and proven to work. No other product on the market has the same credentials to back it up as though we have designed and produced to provide consumers with safer use of all types of electronic devices. Even if you are unsure which side of the argument you are on, our products make it easy and affordable to err on the side of prevention and stop exposing your body to the harmful effects of cell phone radiation.

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