Sperm Damage from Radiation

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Most scientific attention on cell phone radiation has focused on studies suggesting an increased risk of brain tumors, but an increase number of studies point to a new concern: sperm damage. In a review of published scientific research, the Environmental Working Group sourced 10 human studies that have identified a shocking variety of alterations in sperm that has been exposed to cell phone radiation. In the most interesting findings, men who carried their cell phones in their pocket were more likely to have reduced sperm counts and/or less active sperm. The same results were found in tests with mice. This research clearly indicates that exposure to mobile phone radiation could lead to reduced sperm count, and sperm damage (DNA damage and changes in sperm morphology). Scientists have not yet identified how cell phone use might cause such effects but the research appears to raise the possibility that mobile phone radiation could be causing this significant health problem and it definitely warrants further investigation. Studies attributing cell phone radiation exposure to negative effects on sperm have been completed in the US, Austria, Hungary, Australia, Poland, South Africa, and Turkey. All using different methodologies. In some cases, scientists compared sperm counts in men who carried mobile phones on their belt with those who carried them elsewhere or who did not use cell phones. In others cases, researchers exposed sperm to cell phone radiation. While in other cases, scientists studied whether there was a connection between sperm health and the frequency of cell phone use among men being evaluated for infertility. Some of the findings on cell phone radiation and sperm health:

  • Males who carried a cell phone in a hip pocket or on a belt had eleven percent less active sperm than men who kept a phone elsewhere.
  • Males who carried a cell phone on the belt and used it regularly during a five-day trial had a 19 percent drop in highly motile sperm from their starting levels.
  • Males who used a cell phone for more than an hour a day had 17 percent fewer highly motile sperm than men who used a mobile phone for less than 15 minutes a day.
  • Studies on the effects of cell phone radiation on rats and other animals have found similar results.

These studies have all found significant correlations between cell phone radiation and sperm health, and many have found that the impact increased with the amount of radiation exposure. Many opinions differ as to how cell phone radiation might produce these changes. Research papers include unambiguous statements on impact. Some examples are as follows:

  • “These findings have clear implications for the safety of extensive mobile phone use by males of reproductive age, potentially affecting both their fertility and the health and wellbeing of their offspring” (De Iuliis 2009).
  • “Keeping the cell phone in a trouser pocket in talk mode may negatively affect spermatozoa and impair male fertility” (Agarwal 2009).
  • “Use of cell phones decreases the semen quality in men by decreasing the sperm count, motility, viability and normal morphology. The decrease in sperm parameters was
  • Dependent on the duration of daily exposure to cell phones and independent of the initial semen quality” (Agarwal 2008).
  • “Overall, these findings raise a number of related health policy and patient management issues that deserve our immediate attention. Specifically, we recommend that men of reproductive age who engage in high levels of mobile phone use do not keep their phones in receiving mode below waist level” (De Iuliis 2009).

Because infertility rates are increasing, these studies should be a wake-up call to male cell phone users who plan to have children. As scientists gather new evidence on health risks from cell phone radiation, men should practice simple, safe-cell-phone-use, like keeping the phone as far away from the body as possible, and they should avoid carrying a cell phone on the belt or in a pants pocket. What You Can Do to Avoid Health Risks from Cell Phone Radiation

  • Do not keep your phone in your pants pocket, or on a belt. Instead keep it in a holster in the car, or in a briefcase..
  • Reduce your cell phone usage. The less cell phone radiation you are exposed to, the less damage to your health.
  • Use a diode or neutralizing chip. EMF radiation neutralizing technology is an incredible advancement in radiation protection. These devices, such as the ones that we sell in our store, create a neutralizing shield that protects the body’s cells from damage from EMF radiation. These are by far the simplest and best way to protect yourself from cell phone radiation.

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