The Hidden Dangers of Cell Phones

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The hard-to-ignore danger of cell phone radiation

Wondering about the actual danger of cell phone radiation? Learn all about cell phone radiation and its effects from our experts. As the number of cell phones continues to grow, so too does the electromagnetic radiation in our environment. Some studies of EMR have produced results that indicate there is a link between cell phone use and brain tumours, damage to genetic tissue, and various other health concerns. Yet science has failed to get the word out to the public. Many people and businesses say the cell phone industry is well aware of the dangers of cell phone radiation. Your contract with your cellphone provider can be a valuable source of information. Some of these agreements contain clauses stipulating that manufacturers and providers cannot be sued. This is likely due to the many health-related lawsuits that have already been filed against cell phone companies.

On the flipside

Proponents of cell phones are quick to reply that there is no proof that cell phones produce dangerous levels of radiation. Both sides argue that the research is flawed. The bottom line is that cell phones were introduced to the public without conclusive safety testing. Now that concern is mounting, it makes sense to take preventative steps. The best way to do that is with a cell phone case that diverts radiation, thus acting as a block for harmful EMR.

The anti-radiation cell phone case

Aires Technologies offers an anti-radiation cell phone case to block harmful EMR so cellphones can be used in a way that is safer for the user and the environment. The protective case deflects radiation away from your head without reducing signal strength. The cell phone case lets you use your cellphone the way you normally would, rather than trying to alter the frequency or nature of your cellphone usage. The Aires anti-radiation cell phone case was created to reduce the danger of cell phone radiation, and it has succeeded in accomplishing that. To learn more about Aires Technologies products, call 1-855-725-2034.

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