Your Moon Mom: Marketing EMF Solutions in a World That’s Ignoring the Problem

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Listen here for a recent podcast interview with Michaela from Your Moon Mom and our CRO Josh Bruni discuss the rise of tech in the current world, how to market a unique product and how to manage an evolving business. 

Episode Summary: Josh Bruni, the Chief Revenue Officer of Aires tech, joins us for a chat about the rise of technology and long term EMF exposure, how to market a product that solves a problem most countries are ignoring, and the importance of leaning into your strengths & knowing when it’s appropriate to hire out! I’m so excited to share this episode with you today because it really lets you in on why I chose to partner with this company. I feel really good about my decision to work with them and after listening I think you will want to check them out and will understand why I cannot stop talking about their devices!

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