Maycee Barber + Aires Tech: EMF and the Athlete

Maycee Barber UFC Aires Tech EMF protection

In dedicated pursuit of elite health and well-being, Maycee has recently decided to partner with Aires Tech as a means to mitigate her exposure to EMF radiation and further her performance in performance and overall well-being as a professional fighter. We at Aires Tech are honored and proud to support Maycee in her journey to claim her dream of being a UFC champion.

Athletic Edge: Tiki Barber’s EMF Protection with Aires Tech

aires tech tiki barber sports performance athletic recovery radiation protection

In an unwavering commitment to support athletic recovery with EMF protection, Aires Tech’s partnership with Tiki Baber ushers in a new era in safeguarding health from the digital world’s hazards. Tiki played in a different era, but has continually recognized the impacts of radiation on athletic recovery. Sounding the alarm for the young athletes today, […]