Fetal and Child Development in the Age of EMFs

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In our era, marked by relentless technological advancement, the hidden threat of electromagnetic fields (EMF) casts a shadow over the most delicate stages of life. This blog serves as an urgent wake-up call about the dangers of EMF, especially concerning fetal and child development in the age of EMFs. We delve deep into the profound […]

EMF Radiation & Fertility Treatments: Tech & Health At A Crossroads


In the quest for parenthood, many turn to advanced fertility treatments. The pervasive influence of electromagnetic fields (EMFs) in our daily lives can’t be ignored. With studies suggesting potential implications of EMFs on both female and male reproductive systems, understanding this nexus becomes vital. As hopeful parents invest emotionally, physically, and financially into these treatments, recognizing and mitigating potential EMF-related risks becomes paramount. In this ever-evolving landscape, being informed and cautious can make all the difference.”

Sleep + Fertility : Reproductive Health

Sleep + Fertility : Reproductive Health - airestech

In our increasingly busy lives, getting the recommended eight to nine hours of sleep is a challenge that many people face. Interestingly, sleep issues are a common trend in couples who are struggling with fertility, and sleep deprivation has been linked to reduced chances of fertility because of its effect on hormonal balance in both […]