Small Business Saturday with Aires Tech Partners


This Small Business Saturday, we want to highlight our partners who align with our mission of health, wellness, and the best quality products. At Aires Tech, we are a small but mighty group of less than 15 people, spread globally across Canada, the US, Europe & Asia. Meet the following partners who are doing extraordinary […]

Navigating EMF Risks at Sea

Navigating EMF Risks at Sea - airestech

Explore the potential risks of electromagnetic fields (EMF) at sea during your cruise adventure and discover how to protect yourself and your loved ones from potential EMF-related health concerns. Learn about the importance of incorporating EMF-neutralizing technology to enhance your well-being while enjoying the luxurious amenities of your cruise journey!

EMF Safe Travel with Family


A Guide to EMF Safety While Traveling Have you ever paused to consider the invisible threats that might be lurking around while you take that much-deserved vacation or travel for the holiday season? Traveling with family is an exciting endeavor, but amidst all the fun, there are invisible hazards we often overlook – Electromagnetic Fields […]