How Can We Protect the Anxious Generation?


Who is “The Anxious Generation”? Jonathan Haidt coined the phrase “The Anxious Generation” to describe the adolescents facing a troubling rise in mental health issues. Haidt explores the causes in his latest book, “The Anxious Generation: How the Great Rewiring of Childhood Is Causing an Epidemic of Mental Illness.” In the book, Haidt blames technologies […]

A Parent’s Guide to Protecting Your Children From Digital Overload

A Parent’s Guide to Protecting Your Children From Digital Overload

As a parent, you naturally want to protect your children from harm. But what if something as commonplace as a computer or tablet could affect your child? With over 70% of children owning a smartphone or other device by age twelve, it’s imperative that you learn the drawbacks of unlimited screen time.  Digital overload does […]

Mold and EMFs: Unveiling the Surprising Links

Mold and Emf's

“EMFs and mold are a daunting duo that can do a serious number on your body.“ – Dr. Jill C. Carnahan, MD, ABIHM, IFMCP In our modern world, invisible forces envelop us, some vital, others potentially harming our health and well-being. These forces are integral to our daily lives, yet their effects on us can […]

Lead Poisoning Back in the Spotlight: Here’s What You Need To Know

Lead Poisoning Back in the Spotlight: Here's What You Need To Know

Lead is a a silent and insidious menace to human health; one that most people know they should generally avoid but often still flies under the radar of human detection.  Stanley cups for instance have recently been a viral topic across all major social media platforms due to the recent discovery that they contain lead. […]

Apple Vision Pro: A New Frontier for Mixed Reality


Apple’s long-awaited move into the headset game has arrived this February of 2024. The vision that Apple is offering is a redefining of the mixed reality (MR) headset technology sector, and an expansion of what these technologies offer humanity. In this article, we will explore how Apple’s Vision Pro fits into this blossoming field of […]

EMF in Cars: Radiation from Electric Vehicles

How EMF Radiation Impacts Athletic Performance

There’s a significant need for critical examination of the often-overlooked aspect of electromagnetic fields (EMF) and radiation (EMR) in the rapidly evolving world of electric and self-driving vehicles, particularly focusing on Tesla. This article delves into the implications of the technological shift from mechanical to electronic systems in automotive technology, raising concerns about the increased […]

A Year in Review – Top EMF News from 2023


In the fast-paced world of EMF protection, the past year has been marked by significant revelations and discussions across various fronts. As we reflect during our year in review of Aires Tech’s most visited articles in 2023, we explore eleven key topics that have shaped the discourse on electromagnetic fields and their impact on our […]

Anti-Aging Fanatics, Oxidative Stress, and How to Protect from EMF

anti-aging Aires Tech EMF protection

In a world obsessed with staying young and vibrant, the pursuit of anti-aging has become the latest hype. Billionaire tech entrepreneurs and everyday people alike seek to slow aging and preserve youth. What fuels this anti-aging obsession? What secrets lie in the pursuit of eternal youth? Today, we examine the mass appeal of anti-aging and the role of EMFs in aging and oxidative stress.

What is the Effect of EMF on Birds, Bees and Insects?


What is EMF Radiation and Who Does it Impact? Electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation, an invisible energy produced by electronic devices and power lines, is a growing concern in our digital age, impacting various groups including adults, seniors, and children. For adults, the constant use of smartphones and exposure to Wi-Fi can lead to concerns about […]