Christian Van Camp’s Journey with EMF as a Holistic Health Coach

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Written by Christian Van Camp My Journey with EMFs and Holistic Health Optimization At each step in our journey, we learn a little bit more about what real health is. What is “real health” to you? I’ve pondered this for the past 8 years as a major wellness nerd and biohacking hippy, and this is […]

EMF Radiation & Fertility Treatments: Tech & Health At A Crossroads

In the quest for parenthood, many turn to advanced fertility treatments. The pervasive influence of electromagnetic fields (EMFs) in our daily lives can’t be ignored. With studies suggesting potential implications of EMFs on both female and male reproductive systems, understanding this nexus becomes vital. As hopeful parents invest emotionally, physically, and financially into these treatments, recognizing and mitigating potential EMF-related risks becomes paramount. In this ever-evolving landscape, being informed and cautious can make all the difference.”

The Wired vs Wireless Debate: Convenience, Quality, and EMF Exposure

The Wired vs Wireless Debate: Convenience

In an era of advanced technology, the choice between wired and wireless devices is increasingly critical. Considering factors like convenience, sound quality, environmental impact, and exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMFs), it’s crucial to understand the unique features of both types of devices. As both wired and wireless devices continue to evolve, we must stay informed about their potential health and environmental impacts, and make choices that best fit our needs and wellbeing.

Hydration + EMF: Structured Water

Hydration + EMF : Structured Water - airestech

Learn more about hydration, structured water, and how EMF has an impact. As the majority of the human body is made up of water, what implication can this have on us?

Summer Travel : EMF Hot Spots

Summer Travel : EMF Hot Spots - airestech

Curious about hot spots for EMF while traveling or enjoying summer vacation? Check out this blog to learn more about concerts, theaters, and how other spaces might be EMF hot spots.

Why Does Proximity Matter : Aires + EMF

Why Does Proximity Matter : Aires + EMF - airestech

The closer you are to the sources of EMF, the worse the impact can be on your body. On the other hand, the closer your Aires product is to the source of the radiation, the better it will work. Read more to find out why proximity matters with EMF + Aires.

EMF Exposure in Airports + Airplanes

EMF Exposure in Airports + Airplanes - airestech

Introduction With the imminent rise in the progression of technology and the use of technological gadgets, we are exposed to varying degrees of EMF radiation. EMF has the potential to be present in our immediate surroundings and day-to-day electronics like televisions, computers, WiFi hotspots, and even the cellphones that are always glued to our bodies. However, […]

Travel : EMF on Airplanes, Cars, + in Big Cities

Travel : EMF on Airplanes

But the health threat that seemingly looks new and may not be considered that much is the effect of electromagnetic exposures in some appliances and devices while we travel. Some common sources of exposure during travel include cars, planes, and, of course, some big cities. This article will explore these three sources of EMF and how to protect yourself and your loved ones.