250 Scientists Sign Petition for Regulation of Microwave Radiation Emitting Devices

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Lack of regulation over wireless technology can lead to potential health risks

Wireless technologies are outpacing research and regulation – and it could have disastrous effects for our health. Wireless bluetooth headphones, like Apple’s AirPods, communicate with each other through Bluetooth, using magnetic fields, which pass through the user’s brain. There is little research on the effects this may have on the human brain, or regulations to limit the potential effects, which is making scientists concerned. Although the jury is still out on whether these particular devices can negatively affect their users, a petition warning that microwave radiation from many popular wireless technologies may pose health risks has gathered 250 signatures.

Potential health risks of radio frequency exposure

Radiofrequency radiation emitted by wireless devices has been linked to cancer in animal studies. Reproductive, neurological, and genetic damage was also found to be more common in animals exposed to this type of radiation. In some studies the radiation levels that were significantly lower than those currently permitted were found to also be cancer causing. The most well-established risk of high frequency radio waves are burns, however, the effects of long-term exposure to low frequency radio waves on humans are still unknown to scientists. Current regulations are oblivious to these kinds of exposures, and the users of these devices are effectively conducting a health experiment on themselves.

Scientists are calling for more regulations on radio wave based technologies

The proximity of Bluetooth signals to the human ear canal and brain is causing scientists to call for more oversight and warnings for these types of radio wave based technologies. The target of these regulations are technologies like cell phones, and wireless phones, Wi-Fi routers, baby monitors, and smart meters. Although many other electronic devices also generate low frequency electromagnetic fields. Many scientists believe that the safety standards imposed by the various agencies are not sufficient and throw caution to the wind and that much more research needs to be done in the field of electromagnetic radiation to clarify the exact risks associated with it.


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